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American Football Association Benefits, Inc.

AFA Benefits, Inc. is a New York-based insurance marketing and brokerage company that specializes in the sale and promotion of personal insurance programs for American Football Association Alumni members. With over 30 years of experience in the insurance and sports industry, AFA Benefits Inc. is uniquely qualified to create insurance products and concepts that cater to American Football Association members. Created out of the need for comprehensive insurance coverage for AFA members, we offer General Liability & Property Insurance, Medical & Accident Insurance, Term & Group Life Insurance, and also Dental, Vision and Prescription Plans. AFA Benefits, Inc. is committed to providing the best coverage available for our membership.

With our range of affordable insurance choices developed exclusively for AFA members, it's easy to join the AFA and apply for life insurance coverage at the same time.

AFA Benefits, Inc
274 Third Street
Troy, NY 12180
Ph: 877-624-4485
Fax: 801-838-0175
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The following offerings have been assembled:

AFA now offers AFLAC to members!
* Accident Plan: Pays you cash for services you or a family member may have due to any injury. On or off the job. Pays cash dollar amounts for different treatments.
* Cancer Plan: Pays you cash for services you or a family member may have if diagnosed with internal cancer. There is a heart attack/stroke rider that may be added to this plan as well.
Final Expense Life Insurance
 * No medical, guaranteed issue 
 * Issue ages 50 to 85


RxCut® Plus Prescription Plan
* Save up to 75% on prescriptions and up to 50% on labs and imaging.
* Deep discounts available for prescription drugs to AFA members and families
Legal Services
* Consult experienced lawyers whenever your organization encounters legal issues
* Members receive services from a nationwide network of Provider Law Firms
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