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AFA Hall of Famer Lou Piccone is a former professional football player who was inducted into the American Football Association (AFA) Minor League Hall of Fame (’86) in recognition of his outstanding career and contributions to the game. He began his career with the Youngstown Hardhats in 1971-72, then moved on to the Bridgeport Jets in 1972-73. After that, he played for the NY Jets from 1974-76. Finally, he finished his career with the Buffalo Bills from 1977-1983, where he was known for his hard-nosed style of play and his ability to make big plays on the field. He was a fan favorite and helped lead the team to several winning seasons. His induction in the American Football Association Minor League Hall of Fame is a recognition of his legacy and contribution to the game of football.

AFA Hall of Famer Bob Blechen ('90) was the oldest tackle football player in the United States, at one time. Blechen was drafted as an offensive lineman by the Detroit Lions in 1956 but didn't make the final cut. He was told that he was too small and too slow, but he didn't let that stop him. He has played on multiple semipro leagues and often played as many as 20 games a season.

In 1990, the American Football Association made Bob Blechen its first active Hall of Famer.

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