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I recently attended the Professional Football Researchers Association Convention in Buffalo, NY with the express purpose of thanking them for their coverage of the AFA over the years in their official magazine, the Coffin Corner and several published books.

The Buffalo History Museum was the site for the Convention which hosted a sports related exhibit in its Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Gallery called Icons: The Makers and Moments of Buffalo Sports. It featured items from Buffalo's rich professional sports history and selected items from PFRA member Greg Tranter's massive Buffalo Bills memorabilia collection, recently donated to the Museum by Greg.

My sincere thanks to the PFRA Board: Ken Crippen, Mark Ford, Mark Durr, Lee Elder, John Grasso, and Roy Sye and George Bozeka, Convention Organizer for an outstanding event. Also thanks to the excellent speakers and presenters: Booker Edgerson, Eddie Abramoski, Ed Rutkowski, Brian Marshall, Joe Ziemba, Thurman Thomas, Scott Berchtold, Bob Schmidt, Denny Lynch, and Joe Bock. 

The following is an excellent article by Mark Ford about the American Football Association's Hall of Fame and provides a well researched history about the AFA. Support the PFRA and their publications........

Mark Ford Article

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