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The American Football Association is proud to announce that the North Louisiana Football Alliance (NLFA) recently awarded all 8 of their teams with AFA memberships to take advantage of AFA services. By joining the AFA, the NLFA has expanded its reach, in terms of opportunity and development toward the overall awareness of amateur/semi-professional football.  In preparation for their upcoming inaugural season, NLFA president Holland Witherspoon feels that the decision to join the AFA was an important piece of the puzzle and needed, in regards to helping expand on his vision of not only starting, but efficiently maintaining a semi-professional football league in the Ark-La-Tex during the spring.

The North Louisiana Football Alliance consists of the following teams:  

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About the NLFA: The North Louisiana Football Alliance (NLFA) primary objective is to create a brand that players in the NLFA and the community can be proud to represent each year. Community involvement is something we at the NLFA strive to nurture, with the intent that potential fans of each team feel that they truly belong to something they can call their own. Our goal is to birth a new outlook on semi professional football by providing a high-quality level of football during the non-traditional spring season. 

NLFA Conference/Meeting Promo Video

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