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Coaches & Team Owners,

We are excited to announce that the American Football Association (AFA) has partnered with Big Game USA to offer custom-tailored Team Issue brand game footballs to Semi-Pro Teams across the nation. Big Game USA has an impressive customization program, and we strongly believe that it is the best football on the market.

Here are a few reasons why we chose to work with Big Game USA:

  • Big Game USA builds game balls for the XFL, USFL, FCF, and many college game footballs, including teams like LSU, Clemson, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Alabama, to name a few. Team Issue brand is also the official game ball for NAIA and JUCO colleges across the USA.
  • They guarantee a consistent price of not more than $84.99 per football for all Semi-Pro/Minor League teams signing up for the AFA Game Ball Program and creatively stamp the football to be all about YOUR brand.
  • Your team can order a “Pro-Style” football like the one your QB is already throwing, or your QB can customize the leather, laces, and shape to fit their hand!
  • Big Game USA is the largest American-owned, American-made football factory on the planet.

While this agreement does not require you to use a particular football, the logo and ball customization at $84.99 exceeds what is offered by other manufacturers.

Contact our Big Game USA representative, Josh Eells, at 972-854-1499 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an official quote and virtual proof of your game ball. Get your team equipped with some amazing, state of the art, game footballs today!

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