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🏈 Unlock Exclusive Benefits with Premium AFA Alumni Membership At the request of several alumni we have now implemented a Premium AFA Alumni Membership. Click Here

🏈 Join the AFA Alumni Membership 4th Quarter Special and Celebrate 44 Years of Semi-Pro Excellence! Attention all football enthusiasts and proud supporters of the game! 🙌🏼 The American Football Association is thrilled to introduce our exclusive 4th Quarter Special as we gear up for our 44th year of honoring the best in semi-pro football. This is YOUR chance to be a part of something truly special – join us in the celebration! We acknowledge the following alumni renewals to date in response to our appeal:

James E. Bucciarelli

Erik Taylor

Michael Wright

Terrence L. Rollins

Alvin Lollie

M. Francine Kidrick

Derek Stingley

Nick Skokos

Frank Holes

Mary Lockhart

Niso Mahihkan

John Clark, Jr.

Bob Blechen

Don Shipley

Robert Beckwith

Joseph Loughran

Leroy McFadden

Dennis Howleit

John Yannuzzi

Fred Robinson

Kenneth 'Skip' Poole

Mike "Chico" Cain

Jerry Kurz

Roman Strzala

Pat McLaughlin

Frank DeMarco

Thomas Robinson

David Powell

Ronald Hansen

Edmund Zbikowski

EJ Zbikowski

Thomas Zbikowski

Troy Canada

Terrence Reilly

Gary Thomas

Thomas J. Calabrese, LPC

Andy Tranchita

Peter O'Kane

Charles Brown

Wes Fischer

Edward Schmeski, Jr.

John Baino

Armando Paolucci

Gary Poe

Mike Galeo

David M. Fleck

George L. Coleman

Craig Smith

Michael P. McCarthy

Jordan Kopac

2019 AFA Football

AFA Hall of Fame Signature Football

2018 AFA Football

Attention American Football Association Football Enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to introduce the AFA Hall of Fame Signature Football, brought to you by our partner, Big Game USA. Building upon the success of our AFA Game Ball Program, this exclusive offering commemorates the exceptional individuals who have been inducted into the AFA Hall of Fame.

What Makes the AFA Hall of Fame Signature Football Special?

  • Each football is tailored to honor the inductees of each Hall of Fame induction class.
  • The football features the names of the esteemed inductees, a true testament to their remarkable contributions to the sport.
  • Big Game USA's renowned customization ensures that this football is a timeless keepsake.

Flyer/Order Form Here

Game Film & Scrapbook Scanning Services: Preserve your old 16mm, 8mm game film and scrapbooks by having them converted to digital for posterity. We have partnered with a group that has scanned a lot of vintage items for us at an affordable price. More information is available if interested; Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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About the American Football Association: The American Football Association is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax exempt corporation in its 43rd year of operation, and is dedicated to the advancement of adult (semi-pro) football from coast-to-coast. Our slogan is Semi Pro & Proud®. We are not affiliated with any other national semi-pro/minor league organization. The AFA, Hall of Fame, American Football News™ and AFA logo design are registered trademarks of the American Football Association. All other AFA-related trademarks are trademarks of the American Football Association.

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