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Pro Support SystemsThe American Football Association (AFA) and Pro Support Systems recognize the toll of intense athletics on the body. A specific goal with the AFA is to provide you with avenues to achieve a comfortable and healthy lifestyle after football. Over 25 years Pro Support Systems has been providing customer molded orthodontics for athletics and industrial workers designed to balance and control the foot for great comfort and efficiency.

Established in 1988, Pro Support Systems provides foot support to professionals from all over the world. Pro Support Systems is proud to introduce its new & uniquely hand crafted orthotic shoe insert. Our customized cast molded appliances are designed and manufactured by expert foot specialists and each orthotic is custom fit to provide the necessary support for each patient and athlete.

Foot CareWe are international Orthotics experts. We travel around the world serving athletes and industry. Union workers, professional and collegiate athletes as well as injured and rehabilitating patients are utilizing the Pro Support System for the treatment, management and prevention of common lower extremity concerns. Our solutions improve support and shock absorption capacity while reducing foot imbalance.

Originally developed to specifically attend to all three planes of potential foot fault and imbalance, Pro Support Systems Custom Molded Orthosis (CMO) has evolved to meet some of the most demanding needs of professional athletes and patients.

The CMO is unique in offering true triplane balance with a dynamically moldable contoured foot bed, and supportive bracing to re-balance the foot and leg to the plane of support.

True to its name, the CMO is customized to your foot and provides you with a variety of optional enhancements such as Adult Robert's and Kirby Skive modifications, Morton's extensions, and bunion flanges.



CALL 1 800 262 FEET (3338) and mention American Football Association Alumni to receive special pricing on your Pro-Support Orthotics! 

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